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Mr.Bet is your lucky bet!

30% Revenue share
€0 - €5 000
35% Revenue share
€5 001 - €15 000
40% Revenue share
€15 001 - €30 000
45% Revenue share
€30 001 or more
* Total Net Gaming Revenue per month
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Have questions?

What is MRBET Partners affiliate program?
MRBET Partners affiliate program allows you to earn money by referring users from your website or other marketing means to our website. Every person who joins Mr.Bet, makes a deposit, and starts generating revenue through your links, will result in commission payments for you. It's a WIN-WIN – you get income, we get new users.
How to join MRBET Partners?
Sign up using registration form on this website. As soon as MRBET Partners manager validates your account, you will get a welcome email with your login details. Log in and choose a link or a banner to be published on your website, and start earning a commission.
What kind of websites will I advertise?
You’ll advertise Mr.Bet casino, a project that is known for superior gameplay and noteworthy customer experience.
In what countries can I advertise your products?
Our products can be advertised in the following countries: Austria, Canada, Finland, Norway, New Zealand and Brazil. We’re constantly working on adding new locations to this list.
How can I change my payment details?
Choose My account tab and click Edit button.
I’ve lost my password. How can I reset it?
Go to Mr. Bet Partners main page, click Login, then click Reset button and create a new password following the guidelines.
How can I delete my account?
To delete your account, please send us a message via Contact Us page by choosing Delete account option or contact your personal manager.
Where can I find my statistics? How frequently is it updated?
Statistics is available in your personal MRBET Partners account. You will be able to analyze reach, CTR, registrations, and deposits. You’ll raise your income by improving your strategy and using the most profitable sources of traffic. Reports display data in real time, and each page reload updates information.
What do the descriptions of the fields mean? (Quick Report)
Project – a casino website.
Program – a payment program.
FD count – a number of users who made the first deposit.
FD sum – a total of all first deposits.
FD count (less limit) – a number of users who made the first deposit that is lower than the required first deposits.
RD count – a number of repeated deposits.
RD sum – a total of repeated deposits.
Bet-Win – a difference between total loss and total win of all players (Netgaming).
Bonus – a total of players’ bonus.
Total out – a total of players’ withdrawals.
Income – an income of the partner.
What is a post back and how does it work?
Post back is a link that is automatically requested on the affiliate program server when the key events of the conversion occur. Post back is used to track conversion data and maintain statistics via server or tracking system.
How can I add a dynamic parameter to URL?
Go to Promotional tools > Programs, choose a corresponding program, and the landing page you would like to promote. You can indicate the parameters in the following fields: Source, Affiliate, Project id, Transaction id, Click id. Your link will be generated automatically.
What affiliate programs plans do you offer?
We offer MRBET Partners Revenue share plan or MRBET Partners CPA/CPL plan.
What is CPA, RevShare and CPL?
Revenue share plan is a model of an affiliate program where a partner gets 40-70% of casino income generated by the players a partner brought to casino.
CPА /CPL plan is a model of an affiliate program where a partner gets a fixed sum for each action (e.g. registration, first deposit (FD), active player, etc).
How RevShare income is calculated?
Revenue share income is calculated according to this formula: Partner Revenue = (netgaming — bonus — k * sum deposit)* R, where Netgaming (bet-win) is the difference between bet-win of the player bonus – total of bonuses given out to players sum deposit – total of deposits
K — payment method commission in %
R — partner’s Revenue share in %
How much can I earn?
Your income depends on the volume of high-quality traffic. Some of our partners generate revenue of several thousand dollars per one report period.
How can I get my payments?
We proceed payments once per month, however, you can always negotiate on the frequency of payments with your personal manager. Currently, we support such payment methods as PayPal, Payoneer, Paxum, Webmoney, and Wire.
My players won more than they lost. What should I do?
In this case, your balance can be negative. We reset balance to zero if a partner drives a high-quality traffic.
What methods of website promotion can I use?
We work with different types of traffic, including direct, mobile, banner, search, context, and social media traffic.
What advertisement materials do you offer?
Landing pages, banners, branding, HTML templates and other advertisement materials are available in your personal account in Promo tab. You can also request additional promo materials from your manager.
What is considered to be spam for your affiliate program? What types of traffic are prohibited?
Spam is massive sending of unsolicited advertising materials. Spamming is prohibited and may lead to judicial proceeding.

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Casino Affiliate Programs MrBet

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